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Andy Crone

Andy Crone

Co Founder of Yellloh, creator of awesomeness & skier
I love startup life. I studied honours in design strategy at university, worked as a user interface designer, and now spend my days building awesome businesses with a bunch of... Read More
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GTA V is officially the most expensive video game ever produced!

Gaming Written

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most anticipated games to launch this year into the gaming market. The game is so popular it has been projected to rake in $1 billion in sales and is due for release this time next week. The more astounding figure just released is the total cost of development & marketing coming to a whopping $265 million!! Wowzah.It has now been crowned as the most expensive video game ever produced. 

The previous title holder was "Star Wars: The Old Republic". In comparison, the last version of GTA had a budget of around $100 million, nearly 1/3 of the cost of this game - crazy! Remember Avatar the Hollywood blockbuster movie? Yeah, their budget was $237 million... 

I for one am now frothing at the bit to get my hands on GTA V, pretty sure I'll make the investment next week by whatever means necessary...

Here are some epic screenshots of the scenery and gameplay.

For those that don't know, Grand Theft Auto is a massive open world game that literally allows you to whatever you want. There are fast cars, guns, police, strip clubs, helicopters & planes, countryside & cities, missions, money - everything. It's also now multiplayer online too, so you can roam the city with your French buddy Jeff from your home in Australia on a Saturday afternoon.

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Nice, share it?


In a second or two
Connection lost bro!


Sorry couldn't resist. Not long now, been following it for a while so it's going to be great to stop playing SC2 for a while. (jk.. ill still be playing SC2)

Hey Lu, just went to signup but none of the usernames I selected were available? Even tried 'asasasasadasdasd' and this was taken. Is this actually the case? I'll probably stop playing BF3 when this comes out!
sheeet no its not. ill fix. ive been focused on social logins. Did you try with just username/email combo?
Hey lu, na I tried using Twitter. I'll try with just email now
Ah, site is down.. I'll wait :)

GTA IV was banned in Thailand, not by our IT organisations or even TV censors, but by the Ministry of Culture after someone copied a murder in the game.  I remember writing that it was odd that only physical sales of the game were banned while existing copies still worked on my XBox and that it would have made more sense to ban it by telling Microsoft and Sony rather than sending police in to patrol shopping malls.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/thailand/2504016/Thailand-bans-Grand-Theft-Auto-after-copycat-murder.html

Wow that's pretty intense. There's the ongoing argument about how these games effect society. Maybe I'm naive, but I wouldn't like it if my home govt decided to tell me I couldn't do something like play my favourite game when I'm a perfectly stable human-being. I see the humour in the gameplay, know that it is fiction and would never consider doing it in real life. I enjoy the creativity and freedom a game like GTA brings. Deep social issues from within the actual individual seem to cause sporadic acts like the one in your article. Perhaps this was aided by the game, but these crimes happen almost every minute of the day, are all of them because of a game?

Would you have been disappointed to have the game taken from you at that time Don?
Actually I only bought a copy because it was banned. It sits on my shelf beside my copy of the Satanic Verses (also banned in Thailand) and a dozen other books I have which I would not feel safe mentioning on a public forum :P
Hahaha! That's awesome
You're a troublemaker and a rabble rouser Don....hahaha...love it

I can only imagine how excited you are Mr Crone... But seriously, it looks awesome! I might even have to come for a visit to play

Haha, I think you might have to. Even if it's for a casual hand-glide, or a spot of basketball
Or mass destruction of an entire city to see how many stars you get and how long you can evade police in your Ferrari look alike?
And then jump in your heli and fly as low as you can between buildings whilst using your uzi to shoot down poor pedestrians who just want to have a hotdog from the hotdog stand
That sounds like the Andy I remember. Jump out of the heli in mid air
You love it

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